Veteran service providers should continue using Homelink to submit Individual Veteran data until 9/15/17. Veteran service providers using Homelink do not need to complete the Unique Client Identifier (UCI). After that date, please give all completed Individual and Family VI-SPDATs w/ the corresponding new ROI to Missy Mish at VA. She will store them and add them to the By Name List until our interim system is online in October 2017.

Click HERE to access VI-SPDAT documents for Individual Veterans

Click HERE to access F-VI-SPDAT documents for Veteran Families

The following data represents the total number of veterans who have actively experienced homelessness in the Metro Denver from July 2016 to June 2017 in the OneHome system.

The following data shows the actually housing placements for veterans experiencing homelessness in the Metro Denver from January 2015 to June 2017. In addition, the data provides median monthly veterans housed since January 2015 in the OneHome system.