If you have questions about any step in the process for administering or submitting a VI-SPDAT, check out our Getting Started page.

OneHome VI-SPDAT 101 reviews the OneHome system, VI-SPDAT assessment variations (Individual, Family and Youth) and best practices for connecting persons experiencing homelessness to the OneHome system. This training is targeted at agency staff who are unfamiliar with conducting the VI-SPDAT and wish to be able to connect their clients to housing through coordinated entry in the Metro Denver region. This training will be mandatory for all surveyors starting in July 2017, including those that have been previously trained. To participate in this training, watch THIS recorded webinar and then take THIS short quiz.

Tools for Housing Navigators and Housing Providers is a toolkit for helping people experiencing homelessness obtain and retain housing. Check out the latest resources here.

Housing First/Harm Reduction Training. The NHIP has developed a Beginner Level Housing First and Harm Reduction Quiz consisting of 20 True and False questions.  The Quiz is a good training instrument for all staff to learn the basic tenets of both service philosophies. We suggest having staff take the quiz and then have a short discussion of each questions.

Capacity Building Trainings are a series of free training offerings facilitated by community experts for community stakeholders. Each offering is created from feedback as to the needs of homeless service providers or from persons with lived experience.

Community, Organized Friday, 2/10: 1PM-3PM
Diversion Friday, 4/7: 1PM-3PM
Homelessness & Human Trafficking Tuesday, 4/18: 10:30-12:30
Harm Reduction: Opioids and Homelessness

Harm Reduction training presentation

Friday, 5/12: 2:3oPM-4:30PM
 Assertive Engagement  Wed, 8/30: 1:00PM-4:00PM
 Excellence in Housing Based Case Management Thursday, 8/31: 9:00AM-4:00PM
Intersections of Domestic Violence & Homelessness Thurs, Sept 7, 1PM-3PM
GLBTQ Inclusivity in Program Operations Date TBD
Intersections of Race & Homelessness Date TBD
Housing Stabilization Date TBD