The Vision

OneHome is a coordinated entry system to ensure individuals, families, youth, and Veterans experiencing homelessness will have timely access to appropriate resources through a centralized, equitable, person-centered process that preserves choice and dignity.

Read the OneHome Blueprint for Success 2017-2018

Guiding Principles

  1. Our community supports a client-centered, low-barrier approach to housing that ensures that the needs and well-being of those experiencing homelessness are paramount, and increases self-determination for the client.
  2. Our system will operationalize a shared community vision across the seven-county metro area with clear priorities and community ownership.
  3. We must use real-time data to drive our decision making, goal setting, and resource allocation.
  4. The process must be transparent with expectations and outcomes regularly to all stakeholders, including housing service providers and clients.
  5. The system must be accessible to all and able to prioritize those most in need within different populations for available and appropriate services based on a common assessment tool or tools.
  6. Through coordination, our system targets appropriate resources by ensuring that every individual and family and youth is linked to the most relevant housing intervention.
  7. Our collaborative effort focuses on long-term outcomes including sustainability and support for both providers and clients in housing retention.