OneHome Success Story

“OneHome has provided housing to many vulnerable individuals in our community. I have had the pleasure to work with one special individual very closely. She originally did the VI-SPDAT at the VOA Family Motel and after months of waiting ended up being served through the Permanent Supportive Housing Bonus Project. She received a scattered site voucher and was place in a 1bedroom apartment in Arapahoe County.

Quickly after being housed she was about to be evicted. Family Tree was acting as case management services at the time and stepped in to help prevent the eviction. Family Tree was able to pull together some funding from a generous donor to stop the eviction and keep her housed in the same unit.

At the time the client was drinking excessively and her health was spiraling quickly. She was quick to accept any type of friendships whether they were positive or negative ones. She was allowing other individuals to come into the home and take advantage of her situation including taking her food and money.

She was also calling the 911 repeatedly requesting assistance but when emergency services arrived, she denied it. She received multiple charges for false reporting and harassment for this behavior. Over time she was able to resolve this court issue by agreeing to seek treatment for both mental and physical health and maintain her housing.

This client over the past year has made tremendous strides. She has decreased her drinking, working on her physical health and mental health and has been paying her bills on her own. Over the past couple of months she has reconnected with her son. They haven’t been on speaking terms for years. Over the past couple of months they have been working together to find the a housing option that suits her even better, finally successfully transitioning her voucher to another unit in an area of town with less negative relationships.

A recap: Over the past year this client has been almost evicted, thrown into jail, became self-sufficient and paying her bills on her own with minimal assistance, and most importantly reconnected with her son. Through all her barriers and triumphs over this past year she has moved into a new place that she chose and will be able to maintain on her own with minimal support and no case management.”

– Jillian DeCorte, OneHome Housing Navigator

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