Getting Started

In order to ensure that people experiencing homelessness in Metro Denver are best served with a limited pool of housing resources in a trauma-informed manner, OneHome asks that you review the following prior to conducting a VI-SPDAT or referring for a survey.

  1. Have you, as the potential assessor, attended a VI-SPDAT training in 2016 or later? If NO, please visit to learn more before completing a VI-SPDAT or have a 2-1-1 Mobile Assessor complete the assessment.
  2. Has the individual, family or youth experiencing homelessness already completed a VI-SPDAT? If YES, they are already in the OneHome system and do NOT need to complete another survey.
  3. Does the individual, family or youth have any other options for obtaining stable housing on their own, including family reunification? If they have other options, then they should pursue that option further before completing a VI-SPDAT.
  4. Is the individual, family, or youth literally homeless? If they are staying with family/friends, couchsurfing, paying for a motel on their own, they are not literally homeless as defined by HUD and should NOT complete a VI-SPDAT.
  5. Has the individual or family member served in the U.S. military? If they are a Veteran, please refer directly to VA at 720-501-3367 or Veteran Services Center, 1247 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80205.
  6. Is the person or family’s immediate safety threatened because of Domestic Violence? If so, please call 2-1-1 for DV resources, or if after hours, call (800) 799-SAFE.
  7. Has the person consented to signing the Release of Information (ROI)? If they have not consented to signing the ROI, then do NOT complete a VI-SPDAT.

After you have determined that the person or family is eligible and you have set up an appointment time to meet with them for the assessment

  1. Follow the script exactly so that the information shared with the client is clear and consistent
  2. Gather the required ROI and have it authorized by the client
  3. Conduct the assessment in a closed, safe, confidential space
  4. Give the client a Considerations After VI-SPDAT takeaway sheet

So the VI-SPDAT has been completed and the client is gone, now what?

  1. Submit the VI-SPDAT information into the digital system by clicking on the digital link on the Individual, Family or Youth page.
  2. You must have a Unique Client Identifier (UCI) to connect the information on the digital submission with the ROI submission, otherwise we have no way to put the person’s name to their survey data and score.
  3. Fax your Release of Information to 720-944-3092 or send it via encrypted email within 48 hours of submission into the digital system.

Visit your Agency Page a few days after submission to see if the OneHome system has received your updated documents or to check the score of your surveyed client. The Agency Page is secure but your Agency Liaison will have your login information if you do not already have it

The OneHome system will prioritize clients based on a variety of factors selected by the community. Once a client is prioritized, they are placed into the Pre-Match Queue.

Clients in the Pre-Match Queue will be connected with housing navigation, either by a community agency they are already working with, or by a OneHome Housing Navigator. The Housing Navigators will help clients identify an apartment that suits their needs, and acquire necessary documentation to obtain that housing.

A client has identified their housing and all necessary documents to proceed with move-in. Move-in commences and the client is housed!