Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I am a provider and I have a few questions related to the VI-SPDAT procedure, who do I ask?
A: First, check out our Getting Started, Training or the OneHome Process pages as they contain a lot of useful information. Then, if you cannot find your answer there, email

Q: What is the status of a name on the OneHome list?
A: OneHome does not manage a ‘waitlist’. OneHome prioritizes resources based on what vacancies are in the system, which is ever-changing based on the current availability. As such, OneHome does not have the ability to determine specific statuses among thousands of names. Prioritized names are pulled on a regularly occurring basis, and matched with housing navigation. A housing navigator will reach out to you in the event that you are selected for housing, so it is important to keep contact information up to date.

Q: How does OneHome prioritize?
A: OneHome uses the Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) and it’s variations to score vulnerable people experiencing homelessness. Prioritization factors are based on priorities set forth by the MDHI community and are listed in the OneHome Policy & Procedure.

Q: I have never taken the VI-SPDAT: how do I get connected?
A: There are dozens of agencies and hundreds of staff in the region who are trained in the VI-SPDAT. If you are not connected with a program or agency, please contact a OneHome 2-1-1 Mobile Assessor.

Q: I am a provider and have never been trained on the VI-SPDAT. Can I just print one out and survey my participant?
A: No. The VI-SPDAT has questions that can induce trauma, has a submission process that requires specific data points and has process steps that are explained in the training. In order to reduce trauma or incorrect submission, please attend one of our training offerings before administering a VI-SPDAT.

Q: I have a family with dependents, what do I do?
A: The Family VI-SPDAT is currently being piloted through May 2017 to help refine a system specifically designed for families. Only a subset of agencies serving families are conducting Family VI-SPDATs: to find out which agencies are participating as pilot agencies and accepting referrals, visit the Family Page. If you are not a participating Family pilot agency, please do not conduct a Family VI-SPDAT as your submission will not be accepted by the system until the Pilot phase is complete.