2-1-1 Mobile Assessors

OneHome 2-1-1 Mobile Assessors are a partnership between OneHome and Mile High United Way 2-1-1. The OneHome 2-1-1 Mobile Assessors work to add capacity across the Metro Denver region by conducting VI-SPDAT assessments at regional access points throughout the community. Additionally, as they are trained by 2-1-1, they can provide referrals for assistance beyond OneHome. Please review the calendar below to see the schedule of regional access points and call 844-HOME-106 or email 211ma@onehomeco.org to make a reservation.

The OneHome 2-1-1 Mobile Assessors can also be reached to conduct VI-SPDATs on a limited as-needed basis for highly vulnerable people experiencing homelessness.  Please do not refer someone if your agency has trained staff to conduct the VI-SPDAT itself, as the volume of requests for assistance is high.

For more information, download the OneHome 2-1-1 Overview.

Regional Access Points by County

Adams: Irving Street Library, 4th Monday, 12PM-3PM

Adams: Comitis Crisis Center, 1st Wednesday, 8AM-11AM

Arapahoe: Giving Heart, 2nd Tuesday, 12PM-3PM

Arapahoe: Dayton Opportunity Center, 1st Monday, 1PM-4PM

Boulder: Boulder Bridge House, 3rd Wednesday 12PM-3PM

Denver: VOA Family Motel, 2nd and 4th Monday, 1PM-4PM

Denver: Central Library, 1st Monday, 1PM-4PM

Denver: Delores Project, 2nd Wednesday, 5PM-8PM

Jefferson: Arvada Library, 3rd Monday, 12PM-3PM

Jefferson: Belmar Library, 3rd Tuesday, 12PM-3PM